Reboot Your Career

Outlier Developer Y-Axis So, What’s Your Y-Axis?

I couldn’t be more excited about this amazing opportunity to enhance your career. Throughout my career I’ve met and learned from leaders in the field. But perhaps more importantly, I’ve learned from my countless mistakes along the way.

That said, I want to be clear: I’m no one special. I’m just an aspiring outlier. But I’m stepping out and starting something because I’m convinced we can help each other be more awesome. And as you’ll see, exceptional technical skills are only one component of what it takes to become an outlier developer.

The initial launch site is lean and simple. That’s by design. I’m here to challenge you to step up and contribute. This site is here because I want to increase your luck surface area. I want you to do more in public. I want to assure that everyone is aware of your remarkable skills. I’m here to spur you on toward getting better.

So where do you start?

Five Ways to Get Moving:

  1. Watch the course. Don’t have a Pluralsight sub? Hit me up and I’ll get ya a free trial.
  2. Set change in motion. Use the Goal Setter to think through your Outlier Y-Axis and select specific and measurable goals.
  3. Sign the Outlier Manifesto Every movement needs a good manifesto. But this one is on Github, so if you want to tweak it, submit a pull request!
  4. Stay plugged in and motivated Sign up for email updates on the Outlier blog. The blog will focus on stories from fellow developers who have implemented ideas outlined on the site and in the companion course. It will discuss other unique ideas for creating an exceptional career in software development.
  5. Submit a guest blog post to the Outlier blog. Tell a story about what you’ve changed. Why? Increase your luck surface area, link to your own blog, and create accountability by discussing your plans and goals in public. Interested? Fill out the guest post form and I’ll help get you published!

Now don’t sit there trying to decide which one to click, just close your eyes and go! I can’t wait to see where this leads. And I couldn’t be more excited that you read this far. On the internet. With all those awesome cat pictures out there. Okay, get moving. I mean it. GO!