Will Power Depleted? Go To Bed!

Would you ever watch the late show in the morning? Would you start your day lounging in front of the TV for an hour, just killing time to “unwind”? It’s simply a mindless way to pass time. And it’s keeping you from traveling where you want. Landing the job of dreams. Being able to afford to pay people to do the tasks you neither like nor specialize in.

Once you recognize all the ways that mass media is holding you back, you realize: it’s entertainment for suckers. It’s a tool for maintaining the status quo. Look at your life and picture it with no forward progress decades from now. That’s what late night TV, morning radio, and the media of the masses are signing you up for. It’s an endless stream of vapid distraction that is virtually all noise.

Wasting time poorly is a sin, because not only are you forgoing the productivity, generosity and art that comes from work, but you’re also giving up the downtime, experimentation and joy that comes from wasting time.

If you’re going to waste time (and I hope you will) the least you can do is do it well.
-Seth Godin

The key to success: self control. Go to bed on time. Don’t overeat. Work out. Stay on task. Delay gratification. Stay out of trouble. Don’t cheat. Keep studying. Look for something valuable you can do with your time when you’re awake. It’s time to start delivering. Consistently. Let’s go.

2 thoughts on “Will Power Depleted? Go To Bed!

  1. Well said. I find that the less I watch TV, the less I WANT to watch TV. It’s brain draining, so just don’t even turn it on in the first place and find something more useful to “waste” time on.

  2. If you are having trouble sleeping and genuinely need something to do to unwind at the end of the day, pick up that book that you meant to finish reading and read that until you start feeling sleepy. Then sleep.

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